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It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when looking at its layout.

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It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when looking at its layout.
Home Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Inormation for custmers 

Dear custumers! Before you start using the product you purchased,you need to read the following information. 
Warranty for the manufacture 
The manufacturer provides you with a guarante against defects in materialand factory defects of this product fora period of 6 month from the date of purchase on an artificial leather outfit, and for a period of 1 year from the date of purchase for products made of genuine leather. 
Attention! Lochs, zippers, fasteners,fastening buttons, shoulder straps,handles ,sliding trolleys,wheels,decotarive elementsof the product have other warranty periodsin view of the individual intensity of se of the product.The warranty period for these accessories and items is 60 days from the date of purchase. 
Important: When making a clime , please keep the packagingof the product for the entime warranty period of the product and preferaby documents confirming the purchase of the goods at the place of purchase.When accepting aclime from the custumer for quality(defect)of a production nature indentified in the course of operation(with regard to accessories:zippers,lochs, zippers, fasteners,fastening buttons, shoulder straps,handles), if the guarantee for the main product does not come out, but the guarantee for the parts have expired,the seller reserves the right to repair this product adn return it to the customer. 
Attention! Goods pourchase at a discounted price with indication of defects in the product-no refunds and claims for quality. 
Attention! Returns of money for the purchased goods in case of return of goods(not the case of guaranty)is carried out: 
-if the goods are of quality and with the integrity of packaging,labels and without trace of exploitation within 14 calendar days from the date of purchase. 
Recommendations for operation 
Products are not provided:negligent attitude to the product during operation,aggressive chemical effects and other unforeseen natural disasters. In order extendthe life of your leather bag ,follow the recommendations : 
1.If the use of two-handlesor stpraps for the operation without the use of all provided handles.In such cases loading and laying out of things is carried out when the product is put on a flat hard surface.Do not allow sharp lifting (jerk) of the handles (straps) loaded products more than 50 % of the permissible load. 
2. Irregular redistributionof things during laying can lead to instability of the product,which can lead to overturning and deterioration of the product, as well as premeture wear of fasteners and other fittings. 
3.Zipper: The main error lies in the fact that when you open/cloce the product,the slider is slightly pushed or lightly pulled with lightning.As a result, it turns out that it is tight, especially in the corners.In addition, ripples of zippers are worn, quickly out of order, break. To avoid such problems ,ehrn opening/closing the product, slightly lift up of the lock witha zipper is necessary (thus avoiding falling under theslider of the fabric edge or rim),then it will easily and smoothly slide along the parts of the zipper. When the product is full of things,the parts of the zipper may diverge, es aresult,the order of the parts is broken,"ripple in ripple " does not coem to .In this case ,there are difficulties in repair:even replacingthe sliderof a zipper, there is no guarantee that the zipper will function well, and not move apart.The replacementof zipper is quit a problematic and laborious repair in similar products, and not every workshop takes it.Avoid overflowing when stacking things. 
4.Products made of genuin leather are not recommended for us in wet weather, rain or snow.Failure to comply with the temperatre regime (below-10 C) for product made of lacqtuer and artificialleather, (below-20 C) of artificial polymeric materials, (below-30 C)of natural leather can lead to the formation of cracks and ruptures. 
5.Do not hang the product on all kinds of hooks and doors handles. Hanging it on a hanger,it can stretch out, and shape is then very hard to return. 
6.Do not put on the dirty floor,dining tables, so that the material does not get dirty.Another thing:itmust be in a "sitting" position, in order to avoid stretching. 
7.Decorative cosmetic, office or sharp objects should also be packed ,to avoid damage and contamination in the bag. 
8.In order that the skin does not stretch,do not wear heavythings in it, as this can deform the skins surface. 
9.Frequent cleaning of the skin not welcomed,because the products have a thin protective layer,which can be worn and broken. 
10. Dry the bag after claening is only in a natural way , away from heaters. 
11.Bag spattered with perfume is strictly prohibited! 
12.Lacquer skin should never be cleaned with greasy cream. It is not recommended to wear such a bag in hot or cold weather,as the skin can deteriorate. Lacquer skin is also especially well-estabilished, as it cannot be washed and damped.do everything very carefully, as with abundant moisture than skin can crack. 
13.Hard and ungreased solvents are strictly prohibited for use in cleaning bags. 
14.Do nod store tha bag in sunlight,as it color may change , and the paint burn out. 
15.Leather products should be stored at room temperature, away from moisture , heating devices and hot air.Paint on leather products can be sensitive to ligth,so leather products should be protected from exposure to sunlight. 
16.Store products made of leather ,bags,folders,briefcases in a pure form,pretreated with case lightly stuffed with paper, in special cases,preferably in acardboard box i a recumbent form at a temerature of+10 C to +20 C. 
IMPORTANT:Do not forget than ar present there is a huge variety of prodcts for came of products made of genuin leather .Use only high quality product for the care of leather products of well establishedmanufacturerss,properly selected in accordance with the color and type of skin.Do not forget to use this product on a sample of skin that is attached to each of our product before use.Follow the instructions for using he product.Remember that any skin care product is applied to the surface of the product with a soft cloth made of natural materials.Preference is viven to cotton fabrics. 
KNOW IT! In cases where the product has been damaged-from yhe above reasons, and after the experation of the prescribed warranty period, comtact the representative office of the designer, subject to the possibility of repairing (recovery) this product, as well as the availability of spare parts, payable repair will be offered to this product. 

General review

You do not have the right to multiply, produce, distribute, sell, rent, transfer, use a sample, translate, change, process, divide, composite or otherwise use this web-page or part of it, if you do not have preliminary written consent placed on our web-page. You do not have the right to use information placed on the web-page for commercial or other activities in order to gain profit if not permitted by us. We have the right to refuse providing service, annul our account and/or annul an order, including but not limited under the indication that the consumer has violated Georgian Law or other relevant legislation or his/her activity opposes our interests.

If any other consumer passes authorization in the system with your conferred password and identification data and gets service of Gepherrini, only you are responsible for this activity, despite the fact whether this person had been authorized by you or not. Thus log in/use means unlimited communication/transfer/operation/obligation (including financial obligation), which have been done on the web-page due to such log in or using. Only you are responsible to protect security of your account, confidentiality of your password and identification data. If you become aware about unauthorized use of your password and identification data, please inform us immediately regarding violation of security or other possible danger. In order to perform purchasing of product by means of the web-page, your exact data is required. Privately, you should submit your true name and surname, telephone number, e-mail and other information under request. Thus, you are required to submit information regarding payment details you are guaranteeing that it is valid, correct and you are the person indicated in the invoice.

Typing errors

If the product placed on the web-page is given in incorrect price or information that is caused due to typing errors or incorrect information submitted by the sender, we preserve a right to refuse or suspend an order. We preserve such right even when the order is confirmed and payment is done.


We appreciate your trust for submitting your personal information, so we use all means for its protection. But, please remember that when exchanging information via internet there is no electronic production method that is 100% secure and safe, thus we are unable to give you absolute security guarantee.
Confidentiality rules

These rules are used for the users of the web-page to get acquainted with our policy regarding gathering, using and divulging personal data.

If you decide to use our service, you give us permission on gathering and using the information defined under this policy. Personal information we are gathering and processing is used for getting the service and improvement. We will not use or share received information against the rules defined under this policy.

Gathering and using of information

We may ask for submission of various type of personal information in order to improve service quality, by which we will be able to identify you. This includes but not limited name, telephone number, date of birth, sex, purchase information, image, post code, financial information (meaning details of your credit and debit card), etc. Information we gather is used for contacting you and your identification.

Service provider

We can hire a third person – companies or individuals – for the following purposes:

Improvement of service;
Providing service on our behalf;
Sub-services related to service;
Service analysis

We inform you that the above mentioned parties may have access to your personal data. This is stipulated under the obligation they have towards us. But they take an obligation not to spread or divulge this information for other purposes.

Delivery service

Deliver of the items placed on the web-page is done in Tbilisi and to the regions by Georgian Post.
Delivery is free in Tbilisi and the tariff amounts to 10 GEL regionally.
Time of delivery, Tbilisi: 2 working days, regions: 3 working days.